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My latest iPhone game is PegIt!

A unique and challenging logic puzzle game. Inspired by the classic board game Peg Solitaire. The object of the Peg Solitaire game is to remove all the Pegs, jumping one over another. In this game, the Pegs are little yellow-haired creatures known as PegIts. The PegIts can leapfrog over each other, use Trampolines, Springboards, Teleports, Conveyors, and all manner of objects to solve a wide variety of puzzles.

Now on the iPhone App Store

PegIt is available on the iPhone App Store!

PegIt Feedback & Reviews

Fun game!

"Beyond just a peg jumping game with the different objects in the game. Graphics and sounds are great."  -- iPhoneApp Promocodes.com User Review (Dec 2009)


"This is a great little puzzle game, easy to get into and extremely addictive."  -- UK App Store User Review (Dec 2009)

Nicely done

"A solid puzzle game and good timekiller"  -- USA App Store User Review (Dec 2009)

pleasantly surprised

"I was pleasantly surprised by this. Graphics and animations are nice and the gameplay is fun and straight-forward."  -- iPhoneApp Promocodes.com User Review (Dec 2009)

Images and Videos

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