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Random Mahjong High Scores

Please Note: The iOS version of the game will now share High Scores with Apple Game Center Leaderboards. The Scores on this page are only for users of the older version of the game. Please Update to the New Version to join in!

A new Mac version with Game Center will come soon.

Top Score Charts

Top 50 for United States
Top Scores in 24 Hours
Top Scores for Europe
Top Scores for The Americas
Top for AsiaOceaniaAfrica
Top 50 for Easy Mode
Top 50 for Medium Mode
Top 50 for Hard Mode

Some Countries Represented

Switzerland Egypt Austria Ireland Pakistan Peru Cyprus Hungary Singapore Indonesia Canada Venezuela Kuwait Mexico Norway Australia Czech Republic Algeria Israel Italy Greece Romania Bulgaria Latvia Slovenia Saudi Arabia Islamic Republic of Iran Vietnam Hong Kong Russian Federation Brazil Turkey Poland Nigeria Portugal France Sweden Malaysia Republic of Korea Oman Nicaragua Argentina China India Slovakia New Zealand Republic
of Moldova Tajikistan   Iraq Sri Lanka United States Colombia Germany Kazakstan Armenia Bahrain Netherlands Cambodia Lebanon Taiwan Bahamas United Kingdom Macau Ukraine Finland Honduras Philippines Croatia Spain Denmark Japan Belgium Thailand Chile

Mahjong Top 50 Scores for Satellite Provider  (Remove Filter)

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